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Our Commitment to You

Seaweed SF’s number one focus is on the customer. We want every customer to feel as if they are part of the Seaweed SF family, neighborhood and community. By introducing a rewards program, we can target our diverse family of customers to meet their diverse cannabis needs. The team at Seaweed SF strives every day to ensure our customers receive the best personalized service, product quality and value for their cannabis dollar.

Anchor Rewards

  1. Eligibility – All registered Seaweed SF customers, who have a valid, government-issued ID (Driver’s License, Passport, San Francisco City ID, Medical Marijuana Identification Card) to purchase cannabis. Be prepared to display your driver license when entering our dispensary or receiving a delivery order. Seaweed SF customers can opt out of the program at any time, but must do so at the store.
  2. Required for Anchor Rewards membership:
      • First and Last Name, Mobile Number, and Valid Govt ID. (Email Optional)
      • Customers will automatically be registered into Anchor Rewards program during their first visit to store. They can choose not to join, “opt out” by withholding their mobile phone number when registering into our POS system. 
      • Customers will not be eligible to redeem reward points if they do not provide their mobile phone number. They will begin receiving marketing texts after their first purchase, but can always “opt out” of receiving SMS messages, and still be a rewards member.
    • Rewards Earned– 5% on every pre-tax dollar spent is a reward point earned
    • Redemption Discount – 5% off on all purchases above $20, as long as customer points balance is enough to support the redemption.
    • Rewards Expiration Rule – Unredeemed reward points will expire if not used after 180 days from last customer visit.
    • Rewards Policy – Anchor Rewards Points policy is subject to change at anytime.
    • Redemption and Promotional Discounts – can be combined with membership promotions, as well as daily, weekly and holiday promotions, as long as the total $ purchase after discounts still remains above $20.


After all discounts and before excise and sales tax
Anchor Rewards balances will be reduced after redemption
SeaWeed SF Anchor

When you visit!

Please bring a valid, government ID, verifying you are at least 21 years of age, or 18 with a valid California Medical Marijuana Identification Card “MMIC”. International guests must produce a valid passport, or government issued ID card showing that they are at least 21.

Photocopied or expired IDs are unacceptable.

We accept cash and cashless ATM payments.

All guests must wear face covering, and adhere to social distancing